Sabeel's Fundament: Manhaj al-Istidlāl

Introduktion til islamisk bevisførelse og videnskaber

Engelsk beskrivelse af emnet til retreatet:

We begin our study and focus of our series with these foundations: tarbiyah, knowledge and learning. Indeed, we all know that education is fundamental to the success of any individual, and with so much to learn and so little time, how do we make the right choices? How do we keep motivated and achieve what we have in mind?

This course will explore a range of topics from examining how to judge the importance/benefit of a discipline and how to approach it, to contextualising learning in relation to both this life and the Hereafter. By the time you complete this course, you should be able to contextualise much of the thoughts and notions you have regarding your aims and objectives in life and also having gained an indispensable framework with which you continue your learning and experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • The acceptable sources of knowledge
  • Identify disproved claimed sources of knowledge
  • Framework of reference for categorising views and opinions
  • The authority of sources
  • The interaction and ranking of sources
  • Internal and external sources of knowledge
  • The role of fitrah and the intellect
  • Examination of the major sources of Islamic Law