Uṣūl al-Khilāf

Fundamenterne for meningsforskelle

This course is presented with the premise that the existence of differences seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon, but intends to establish that Islam provides guidelines to deal with conflicting views.

The course explores whether we can avoid or lessen differences and how we can be united with the presence of differences. Learn how to identify an acceptable difference from one that is illegitimate. The course analyses the underlying causes that lead to differing and discusses the guidelines that rank differences into those that are major or minor and how we can practically deal with them. The course also responds to the question, what should our stance be concerning shadh (unusual/illegitimate) opinions even if they be from scholars?

Learning Outcomes

  • Definitions & Related Terms
  • The nature of this worldly life
  • Dealing with permitted differences
  • Dealing with illegitimate differences
  • Irregular Opinions
  • Unity of the Ummah and its importance