Uṣūl al-Bid'ah

Fundamenterne for religiøs innovation

This course is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the concept of bid’ah (religious innovation) whilst also clarifying many misconceptions.

The course explores the methodology of the early generation of Muslims and demonstrates how a proper understanding of bid’ah actually facilitates unity between Muslim groups who differ on minor issues. Learn why the Shari’ah condemns bid’ah and be able to identify an illegitimate innovation from an accepted act of worship.

Learning Outcomes

  • A systematic analyses of definition, worship, and intention, all in relation to bid’ah
  • Contextualising bid’ah and why the Shari‘ah censures it
  • The means by which an Islamic act is done, and the notion of imitating the Shari‘a
  • General Characteristics of bid’ah as well as misconceptions
  • Al-Sunnah al-Tarkiyyah (the Prophetic way by which to refrain from something)
  • Bid’ah Hasanah (legitimate bid’ah) and whether it is really legitimate
  • Principles in identifying a bid’ah