'Ulūm al-Sunnah

Sunnah's videnskaber

Explore the many disciplines connected to the Prophetic Sunnah. Learn the history and significance of the transmission and compilation of Ahadith.

Is the Sunnah a real and live source or does it relate to an age that has passed? Can we understand the Qur’an without it? Are Ahadith reliable? How do we understand Ahadith? What are the main misconceptions surrounding the Sunnah & Ahadith?

Learning Outcomes

  • Compilation of Ahadith
  • Transmission of Ahadith
  • Hadith literature
  • The Authority of the Sunnah
  • Principles and Tools for understanding Ahadith
  • Classifications of Ahadith
  • Criticism of Ahadith
  • Misconceptions concerning the Sunnah