Maṣāliḥ og Maqāsid

Gavn og formål med Sharī'ah

The concept of Maslahah (benefit) and the Science of Maqasid (Higher Objectives of Islamic Law) intricately link all of the injunctions of the Shari’ah.

This course looks at how knowledge of the Maqasid influences rulings and whether the spirit of the law overrides its letter. We explore who decides what the general aims of the Shari’ah are and how this decision is made.

Learning Outcomes

  • Guidelines in applying Maslaha
  • Dealing with Maslaha that opposes scriptural legal texts
  • Misuse of the concept of Maslahah and Maqasid
  • Limitations and Conditions of Maslahah
  • Maslahah and Contradictions
  • The difference between a valid Maslahah (benefit) and bid‘ah (illegitimate innovation)
  • Categories and Levels of Maqasid
  • Dealing with conflict between different Maqasid