Soul's Musk

The profound effect of perfecting your intentions

Gain an overview of the most important and fundamental matter that governs and gives value to our lives: Intention. What is it? What position does it have in Islam? Where does it come from and what is its station and authority? What are the misconceptions and doubts that are associated with it? How can one develop a sincere intention and remain sincere? What are the different scenarios that could corrupt your actions? Does the Shari’ah allow a mixture of intentions: good and bad? Does it allow multiple intentions at the same time? Find out all this and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Definition of Intention & Sincerity
  • Importance & Great Status
  • The Heart & Intention
  • Interaction between Intention, Knowledge and Action
  • Intention & Rulings
  • Intention & Acts of Worship
  • Intention & Habitual Actions
  • Challenges of Sincere Behaviour
  • How to develop Sincerity
  • Far-reaching Effects of Intention & Sincerity
  • Sincerity, Riya’ and Sum’ah
  • Multiple Intentions
  • Common Misconception around Intentions & Sincerity