Du'aa and Tawbah


The life of a believer can be summarised in one word; “Du’aa”, being an indispensable component in their lives, both of them. The challenges of life are countless, and the ones that await post-death are greater. There can be no safety from such challenges in the absence of Du’aa.

Learning Outcomes

  • Definition of Du’aa
  • Types of Du’aa
  • Mannerisms of Du’aa
  • Hurdles of Du’aa
  • How to increase the likeliness of an answered Du’aa
  • Du’aa applied
  • Common questions regarding Du’aa
  • Du’aa and science
  • Du’aa and predestination
  • The greatest name of Allah
  • Case studies of Du’aa that was answered


Everything in life is subject to wear and tear, requiring a share of servicing and repair. Our iman is of no exception, being exposed to tens of encounters each day that damage our hearts and consequential prospects of success in the Hereafter. We haven’t been left empty handed, however, for iman can in fact be repaired, and even taken to an entirely greater point than it was at before the sin. This can be achieved through Tawba.

Learning outcomes

  • The reality of Tawba
  • It’s levels and virtues
  • A list of 10 hazardous consequences of sins
  • Introducing the concept of sins that do not die
  • Stories of those who’ve repented
  • Avenues for the expiation of sins
  • The difference between Tawba and Istighfaar
  • A study of Allah’s name Al-Ghafoor and At-Tawwaab
  • Hurdles along the path of repentance
  • Common questions regarding Tawba
  • How to deal with prohibited wealth post-repentance