Do's and Dont's in Da'wah

Fiqh of Da'wah

From the onset, defining Da’wah and clarifying the ruling and aims of Da’wah are fundamental to establishing an introductory understanding of this discipline.

Thereafter determining what the aims of Da’wah are, will help towards identify the methods that suit any given situation.

Additionally identifying the recipients of Da’wah to Muslims, non-Muslims, Individuals and groups as well as discussions of situations and circumstances and their influences on Da’wah will all be dissected.

Learning Outcomes

  • Definition of Da’wah
  • Excellence and virtues of Da’wah
  • Rulings on Da’wah
  • Aims of Daw’ah
  • Types and methods of Daw’ah
  • Characteristics of the Da’ee
  • Contemporary issues affecting Da’wah